On January 30, 1911, the present Pentecostal Holiness Church was born in Falcon, North Carolina.  This was the original building constructed by the Holiness Church of North Carolina.  Since that beginning, the building has stood as a camp meeting tabernacle, a local church, and an education building.  The union formed within the walls of this historic building became very strong over the years and the denomination formed there now reaches around the world.  In 1975 the building was removed from its former site and remodeled to reflect is original glory.

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Irmo Pentecostal Holiness Church actually began in the old Sunny South School house on the second Sunday in January, 1910. Rev. and Mrs. J.E. Bouknight pastored the church.  The original name was called "Fire Baptised Holiness Church". On January 30, 1911, the church consolidated with the Pentecostal Holiness Church.  The membership consisted of Pastor Bouknight and his wife, Barrie,  J.F. and Minnie Eleazer,  C.S. and Mattie Koon,  C.L. and Nancy Bouknight and  W.H. and Mamie Looney.  W.H. Looney was the leader of the band. Rev.J.E. Bouknight is pictured in the foreground of the first church built.
The newly constructed church on the present site was built in 1926.  The name of the church was changed to Bethel No. 2 Pentecostal Holiness Church. The church was financed by Brother Samuel Younginer and his grandson, Furman Younginer tells us,   "about the year 1938, they burned the mortgage to the church and it was paid in full!" 1926exterior.jpg (12257 bytes)
woodstoves.jpg (48176 bytes) This is the interior of the church during that period. Notice the original lights hung from "rosettes", a form of electrical wiring know as knob and tube.  There are two wood burning stoves in the congregation.. It appears to have only one row of pews in the congregation.  The original large frosted glass windows were designed to let in light for day time services. Brother Furman Younginer remembers that in the winter of 1935 or 36 , "at that time we had a cypress roof shingle on top of the church. one winter while we were having services someone traveling down Farming Creek Road saw a fire on the roof, apparently caused by glowing embers from the wood stoves.  The men of the church ran outside and went up on the roof in the snow to put out the fire with their coats...how they got up there, I do not know, but the old wood shingle roof was replaced with tin and that was very distracting in a rain."
Home of C.L. Bouknight. Wife Nancy on left with children. They were charter members of Bethel Pentecostal Holiness Church  (ca. 1910)

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An early congregation of the church


Class of Nancy Bouknight

From left to right is Annie Mae Weed, Edna Koon, Nancy Bouknight, Clara and Clyde Looney

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Interior of the church in 1957

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sister Clara Ingram for sharing these historical photographs with us to use on this web page.  She is one of the oldest surviving members of the church from the Looney  family. These photographs were made possible from her personal photo album and her generosity.                Thank You sister Clara!

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Church Cemetery


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