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    3rd Annual Chili Cook-off

Time: Wednesday, November 14, 2007   @  7:00 PM



2006 - 2nd Annual Men's Ministry Chili Cook-Off Results..

2006 2nd Annual Men's Chili Cook-off winners. 

1st Prize - John Lee,    2nd Prize - Pastor Paul

It was a stressful night as all firearms were checked at the door and apprehension gained as participants speculated on the outcome. 

Would Earl Eargle regain his title from last year? Would Mickey McAllister pull ahead from his second place finish last year? One Military, one Law Enforcement, both armed to the teeth.... would the event make Fox News? Then there was Marion Fisher's entry, then Von Fisher's. Then came David Jordan's chili. Some began to grumble that Marion couldn't have possibly cooked anything that good, Clara must have made it. Some said Rose actually made Von's.  David Jordan's entry was a hit though he complained about all the things his wife would not let him put in his chili... Tension was mounting... 

Talk began to surface regarding more about Von Fisher's entry, then some discussed Bill Splawn's entry. Some grumbled that Mary, not Paul cooked his entry. Besides, what does a Clemson fan know about chili? Every man brought their entry in their own special crock pot. Even Mickey had a specialty designed cover for his which he cared for like a precious jewel. Talk seemed to gain momentum towards Mickey's entry. 

The most memorable time of the night was when Lisa Eithier was caught "sniffing" each entry. Then other ladies began to follow her leadership...

 But then came a newcomer, John Lee. His entry wasn't in a crock pot, put in a plain stainless steel pot. And in the end, the only participant that took no chili home....

1st Prize went to John Lee and 2nd prize went to Pastor Paul Howell. Already accusations began to fly of foul play and rigged voting.  Almost every teenager has eaten at John's house and Pastor's house. The judges were biased! Last words heard were from Dolly Eargle, regarding her son Earl, "He didn't need to win again. I've had enough ribbin!" And from Mickey, "Next year, I'm gonna use real meat!" Talk is that at the next cook-off that Earl and Mickey will mix their together. Marion (a.k.a. "the comeback kid") vowed revenge for next year... 


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